The web has brought a new set of challenges. Legal obligations, financial costs, management issues and more. Websites are no longer online brochures, but key communication tools that need constant management. We can help you make the organisational changes required to run a successful online identity. This is how:


When you work with MediaJudo on a web design project you won’t just brief us and wait for the results. We have a design process that is collaborative and evolutionary. We start by understanding your objectives, your audiences and your brand as covered under research. We then try to split left brain from right by separating content from aesthetics before merging them back together later on in the process. So, let’s drop the visuals for now and talk about IA and prototyping.


Some agencies specialise in “front-end” development, others “back-end”. We’re experts in both. We create beautifully crafted HTML and CSS but we can also integrate it with business systems. Let’s have a look at front-end first.

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